Announcement Press Release

Released at: July 01, 2021
Contact: Erick Wyatt For U.S. House
(580) 565-0045

Durant, OK - First I would like to thank my wife Shannon and our girls for their support in this decision. After careful consideration and speaking with many people inside of District 21 as well as other elected officials, I have decided to announce my candidacy for Oklahoma House District 21. District 21 has been represented by Dustin Roberts for the last 6 terms and will be term limited at the end of 2022. Dustin has provided great leadership for District 21 and all of Southern Oklahoma. I look forward to the opportunity to continue his work to make Southern Oklahoma a viable place for new businesses to come and to improve the lives of all Oklahomans.

The Lake Texoma region has a lot of potential to expanded economically and there are some exciting things in the works. Shortly, the Chickasaw Indians will begin working on building the new casino at the Lake Texoma State Park area. We have the Oklahoma Steel and Wire family growing as well as J&I Manufacturing just to name a few. We need to continue the progress that has been made and continue to attract new business to our district.

We also need to focus on education and not just the standard K-12 programs. We need to expand access for the people of Bryan County to Kiamichi Vo-Tech and we need to bring a Vo-Tech to Marshall County.

This is a work in progress for Southern Oklahoma, but we cannot take our foot off the gas. We need to follow through with the commitments that have been made and expand on them.

As a medically retired combat vet, I have grown accustomed to serving the people of the United States as well as Oklahoma. I am asking for your support and for you to send me to Oklahoma City to continue representing the people of Oklahoma and in particular the people of Marshall and Bryan County.

When I enlisted in the United States Army, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Right now, our rights given to us under the Constitution of the United States are under attack by both people in Washington D.C. as well as the Capital in Oklahoma City. We must stop the insane overreach of the federal government who is attacking our rights across the board. If you do not agree with what they say, you are an enemy.

I believe in the 4 C's and that is how I will govern myself in Oklahoma City.

  1. Constitutionalist - The Oklahoma Constitution and the United States Constitution will always come first with any votes I make.
  2. Constituents - My job is to represent the people of District 21 and vote in accordance with the majority of the people of this district. I'm not wanting to be your State Representative to make friends at the State Capital. I have enough friends as it is.
  3. Common Sense - We need to take a commonsense approach to the issues plaguing our state.
  4. Conservative - I am a Conservative with my beliefs.

These are my priorities and how I will look at every vote I make on your behalf at the Oklahoma State Capital.

Stand with me and let’s beat the DC corruption right here at home.

I look forward to meeting with everyone in District 21 and earning your vote.

 Erick Wyatt

Candidate for State House District 21