Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy For State SuperintendentLinda Murphy is a Republican Candidate for State Superintendent. She has served as Education Adviser to the Governor of Oklahoma and as Deputy Commissioner of Labor for Workforce Education and Training. She has been a certified teacher for 30 years in Special Education and Elementary Education.

Linda worked with students who have learning difficulties including visual perception problems and developmental delays. She is certified in testing and training students to develop their skills using the SOI Structure of Intellect program. She has spoken to hundreds of groups of parents and teachers about education, child development, vision and learning, education policy and politics, around the state and nation.

She is a magna cum laude graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University. She has taught children and adults in all subject areas. Linda received a statewide award for her work with visually related learning problems from the State Optometric Association and Liberty Optical.

In 1994, following her grassroots campaign for State Superintendent of Schools where she received 49.5% of the votes, Linda was appointed by Governor Keating as Secretary of Education. Following the Senate Committee vote of 12 Democrats and 5 Republicans, she was denied confirmation with all Republicans voting for her. Linda continued serving as an Education Advisor to the Governor.  In 1995 the Oklahoma legislature repealed OBE Outcomes Based Education from state law as a result of  a grassroots campaign led by Linda Murphy.

Murphy was also appointed by Governor Keating to the State Job Training Coordinating Council, the Heartland Scholarship Fund Committee, the National Science Foundation Committee for Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research and also to the Commission on the Status of Women. Later, the Commissioner of Labor, Brenda Reneau, appointed Murphy to the position of Deputy Commissioner of Labor for Workforce Education and Training, the School-to-Work Council and to the position of Administrator of the Eastern Division of the Department of Labor.

Murphy is a founding partner in GPS -Guidance and Policy Solutions, a public policy consulting group which provides solutions that help grow Oklahoma’s prosperity with smaller government and local control.

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