I Will Vote For Constitutional Carry

I am proud to say I got an A rating by OK2A. As many of you know, I’m retired Army, an NRA Lifetime Member, Instructor and Competitor. I’m also a member of OK2A. 

When Governor Fallin vetoed SB1212, I called and emailed her office as often as possible. I will stand for Constitutional Carry in Oklahoma and I will fight against any new restrictions on firearms. 

My opponent stated that he’s satisfied with current gun regulations in Oklahoma City on May 2nd. Now he’s telling you he supports Constitutional Carry. You can not have it both ways. It appears he’s already learned how to talk like a politician by saying what you want to hear. I will always tell you what my positions are, even when I know you won’t like them. Can my opponent do the same? He hasn’t yet. He has flopped on at least two major issues since March.

When I joined the Army, I took an oath “to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. We have a lot of domestic enemies to the Constitution both in DC and at the State Capital.

I will fight for your Second Amendment rights here in Oklahoma and our country.

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