Eventful Day

Today was one of those crazy hectic days that you think will never end. Then you remember everything that is instore over the next year and realize that today wasn't that bad at all.

I started the day filing my ethics paperwork with the State of Oklahoma (currently waiting for them to approve the filing). After that, I spent many hours working on the site and all the social media accounts that everyone seems to want candidates to have. The last big task that I did today was to officially announce my candidacy for Oklahoma House District 21 at the Bryan County Courthouse. My day ended by enjoying my evening at my in-laws house relaxing and having an amazing dinner.

I was asked today after I announced that I am running for State House District 21 how I can put myself out there running for office. I thought about it for a couple minutes and came up with the same answer that I have always had when I ran for office. My kids and my grandson are why I am willing to put myself out there in the public eye. We, as a country, are not in a good place and it appears that it is getting worse by the day. I want my kids ad my grandson to have the same rights and freedoms that I grew up with. Unless we start getting people who put the Constitution first, we won't be able to pass these freedoms on to our kids.