Voter ID Laws

There has been much controversy and discussion over the past few years, if not the last few decades, over requiring identification to be presented when voting. Depending on who ever is in power dictates where the loudest screams of protest are coming from. To me this is a logical procedure to help prevent fraud at the ballot box and the possible throwing of elections. We have all seen the media reports on allegations and admissions of people voting for their candidate multiple times on election day or via absentee ballot. Another way to protect the sanctity of one of our most sacred civic duties.

You should have to present a state or federal issued identification, such as a drivers license, state identification card, passport, military identification, or many other cards issued by federal or state agencies. You have to have drivers licenses to drive a car. Identification has to presented when purchasing cigarettes, alcohol, spray paint or anything with a propellant. You have to present positive forms of identification when applying to receive federal or state benefits such as food stamps, temporary aid for needy families, unemployment benefits, buy tickets to travel, and whenever approached by law enforcement. Believe it or not you have to present identification to gain access to some of the loudest opponents to the voter ID laws, yes you have to show some form of official ID to see Barrack Obama and Erick Holder. But Sadly, not to vote.
I will propose and present legislation that will make it Federal law that official Identification be presented at the time of casting your ballot in an election, and stiffen the penalties for crimes of voter fraud and voter suppression.

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