Term Limits

This nation is in need of term limits when it comes to the House of Representatives and the Senate. Far too many of our elected officials are making full fledged careers out of being in Washington D.C.. There are Congressmen like John Dingell with more than 57 years of being in office, John Conyers with more than 48 years, and Charlie Rangel with more than 42 years in office. In the Senate Patrick Leahy with more than 38 years in office, Orrin Hatch with more than 36 years in office, and Thad Cochran who has a combined House and Senate time in service of more than 40 years. In the Senate there are 32 Senators who have completed two terms four of them have just started their third term and the rest ore further along in their careers.

Time in Washington on Capital Hill should be limited to twelve years total time between the House and Senate. If they go further it seems that with the increased stature they get with committee selections and the time away from real life, they lose touch with their constituents. They increasingly vote on matters to get favor and further their power base and access to lobbyist monies for their campaigns. It is said that power corrupts but absolute power absolutely corrupts. And we have to look no further than both chambers of Congress to see examples of this.

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