About Erick Wyatt

Erick Wyatt is a former Candidate for US Senate as well as a 15 year, medically retired combat veteran. Erick spent 11 years in the Army as well as 4 years in the Coast Guard. Erick is very active in the Marshall County GOP group in Madill, OK. He’s also a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and a members go the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign War, and the Disabled American Veterans. 

Erick has been a strong advocate of federal term limits as well as strong voter ID laws and the Fair Tax Act. He believes in a strong military and a very limited government. He’s on record as stating we need to audit the Federal Reserve and ultimately, abolish it. Erick would like to see a balanced budget amendment passed and to rearrange what falls as Mandatory Spending and Discretionary Funding. Erick has been a champion for both the First and Second Amendment rights and feels that you can’t have one without the other.

With Erick being adopted, he supports Pro-Life. He feels his mother made a choice to give birth to him instead of aborting him and chose to give him up for adoption. His biological mothers actions have directly affected his views on abortion. He’s also a firm believer that the sanctity of marriage is between a man and a woman. His father, uncle and grandfather are all retired Southern Baptist ministers. He relies on his upbringing in church to help guide his beliefs on many social issues.

Currently, Erick is running for Chairman of the Oklahoma GOP where he envisions being able to work hand in hand with the Young Republicans and the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women. His goal is to expand the base of the GOP to minorities as well as getting younger voters to be active in the local groups. Erick believes his military experience will help him lead the party in the right direction and experience unprecedented growth.

Erick has one daughter, Alexandrea (Lexi), whom will be turning 3 on February 21st. He’s engaged to Shannon Giles. Shannon has three daughters ages 13, 11, and 9.