Month: May 2015

The New “Hip” Facebook Challenge¬†

As a 15 year Combat Veteran, I find this new Facebook challenge of posting video of people stomping on OUR Nations flag disgusting. It’s time that Facebook stand up and remove all videos of this sort. Don’t hide behind your favorite line of “freedom of speech”. 

I lost friends, I shed blood, and we were away from our families to fight for your pathetic, unpatriotic asses. 

If you don’t like what our flag stands for or you refuse to stand up for our brave men and women, past and present, who fought to give you the rights that you hide behind then pack your bags and leave.

I love America and feel that it truly is the greatest country in the world. I have fought and will continue to fight to protect the people of America, and keep us safe.

Erick Wyatt, SGT

U.S. Army (ret)

Former Candidate for U.S. Senate

God, Family, Country 

The State of Our Education System

Right now we have a major issue in regards to education in the state of Oklahoma. I’ve included the email that I sent to Joy Hofmeister.

Ms Hofmeister 

As a concerned parent of four girls, I am writing to find out what the plan is for the Education Platform in Oklahoma. I supported Joy Hofmeister for Superintendent of Education last year as she promised change. 

Up to this point, I have heard nothing in regards to doing away with these ridiculous tests that OUR kids are having to go through on a regular basis. The kids have more pressure placed on them with these tests then we have ever had. They are told that they must make a certain score on these tests or they won’t be allowed to advance to the next grade.

When I was in school (I’m only 36) we took the Iowa Test that was one day, two at the most. It wasn’t to determine if we were going to advance, it was used to see where we placed with the rest of the students throughout the country.

Last year, my State Senator Josh Brecheen with the assistance of many other elected officials passed a bill to do away with Common Core. They also passed a bill allowing the Iowa test to be used during the current session. I highly encourage that the State Department of Education follow the guidance of our State House and Senate.

Do away with the anti-American teachings that Common Core and ACT 3-12 teach. We need to properly teach our children to have pride in America. We are the greatest country in the world but the instruction that YOU are passing down is hurting OUR children.

It’s time for a change. And when I say change, I don’t me a new name for the same program. I mean a new program.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter,

Erick Wyatt, SGT

U.S. Army (ret)

Former Candidate for U.S. Senate


I’ve included the contact information for the State a Department of Education as follows:

Phone: (405) 521-3301 
Webpage: SDE Service Desk
Fax: (405) 521-6938